Wikipedia—A Debatable yet Avant-Garde Marketing Tool

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More than a million people Wikipedia regularly and a million more rely on this platform to acquire credible and relevant information and data. Whether it’s a brand or a celebrity, Wikipedia is the first place where people go to find information about anything and almost everything.

In this ever-growing competitive business and marketing world, where proper marketing and promotion is of high importance, having a Wikipedia page is vital for brand awareness and recognition. Not only it changes the public perception about your brand, but a Wikipedia page adds worth and value to your brand and draws more patrons for your business. From building a solid brand reputation to strengthening your brand’s values, Wikipedia is one of the most powerful marketing tools not only for the personal brand in but also for brand and products promotion.

There’s no denying that if used properly, Wikipedia can be a great addition in the digital marketing strategies, but lack of awareness and guidance in creating a Wikipedia page makes it an endeavor that many businesses don’t want to venture on. Nonetheless, there is numerous Wikipedia page creation service providing agencies and experts to help you in creating and maintaining a Wikipedia page.

Significance of a Wikipedia Page:

According to Alexa ranking, Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website of the online world. Since a Wikipedia page is the first result link of every organic search engine query, having a Wikipedia page increases your online presence and visibility. Where many digital marketers tend to stay away from this platform because of its highly strict guidelines, a Wikipedia page adds a layer of credibility, authenticity, and stature.

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Considered as one of the most preferred site and the largest digital encyclopedia, Wikipedia provides you with numerous opportunities to reach out to your potential business prospects and targeted audience globally. The reason as to why hundreds of brand and companies are leveraging the power of Wikipedia to maximize their benefits is that it provides free of cost search engine optimization and evident increase in the business revenues and returns.

However doing it yourself might sound like a cost-effective way of using Wikipedia, but it is usually advised to hire professional assistance of Wikipedia page creation service agencies or freelance Wikipedia experts to get this job done.

How to Make a Wikipedia Page?

The right person to create a successful and great Wikipedia page is the Wikipedia service providers and agents. Creating, maintaining, updating, editing, handling a Wikipedia page requires expertise in Wiki-writing style, a thorough understanding of the wiki-guidelines and the assistance of the right professional. Acquiring a Wikipedia page is not a cakewalk.

Even though Wikipedia it an easy and free to access and edit the website, uploading and editing content is not as easy it might sound like. The dozen of restrictions and strict guidelines make the acquirement of a wiki-page challenging even for the professional as well.

Wikipedia is all about credibility and authenticity, to make your wiki-worthy you have to provide evidence and citation for every sentence and claim that you make in your content. Otherwise, not only your page gets deleted, but you might end up with a blocked Wikipedia account.

Keep in mind, Wikipedia is a non-promotional site at its core and doesn’t support the promotional tone, so keeping the tone of neutrality is of key importance in getting your page live on this platform.

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The days of traditional marketing strategies are long gone; it’s time to adapt to the latest and innovative marketing tools and strategies to expand your customer base and to gain international exposure.  

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