Top ways to get a cracked iPhone screen replaced

Top ways to get a cracked iPhone screen replaced

An iPhone is the first choice of every person who is fond of smartphones. Whether it is an iPhone or any other phone, these devices are prone to drops, and sometimes the screen gets damaged. Although, there are many protective accessories like tampered glass available for protection of the screen, not every iPhone user uses them.

The screen of an iPhone can crack due to falls or any other impact. It is nearly impossible to repair a broken screen, and in such a case the user needs to replace it with a new screen. There are many options for the replacement of a broken iPhone display. This post shares all the ways to replace a cracked iPhone display.

iPhone under warranty

Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone, does not cover accidental damage of the display under its warranty. There are many low-cost screen replacement options available in the market, but if you get your screen replaced from a service other than an authorized iPhone service center, the warranty of your phone gets automatically voided.

In case your device is still under the warranty period, you should contact the Apple iPhone support or visit an authorized iPhone service center or an authorized reseller. The advantage of visiting an Apple store is that they can replace your display without sending your device out for service.

Apple care warranty

Some users take advantage of Apple care that is an extended warranty for your device. The Apple care warranty covers up to two cases of accidental damage to your iPhone. The situation is similar in case you get your phone repaired from an unauthorized service. An unauthorized repair shop will charge you low, but the Apple care warranty will no longer be applicable for your device. Therefore, it is best to get your screen replaced y an Apple authorized repair service.

iPhone Insurance

If you have an insurance policy that covers the damage to your iPhone, you can get your screen replaced under that policy. You can check whether your insurance policy covers the damage to the screen of your device or not. However, you may need to pay a repair fee and the deductible amount.

Most policies of iPhone insurance cover the accidental damage, but you should clear all the queries before using your policy for the iPhone repair. You can contact the customer care of the insurance company to clear all your queries to avoid paying any unexpected amount for repair.

For a device out of warranty

If your iPhone is not insured and out of warranty, you have many options to get it repaired. In such a case you can get the display of your device replaced from any low-cost repair shop as well as from an authorized Apple service center.

In the absence of a standard warranty, Apple care or insurance for your device, you have nothing to lose by using one of the low-cost repair options. However, you should not get your phone repaired form a non-reputed or new repair service as it can do more harm than good to your device. Any internal damage to the spares or body can cause more problems in the future.

It is best to get your display replaced from a reputed repair service like phone repairs Palmerston that specializes in the iPhone repairs. A service that is specialized in the repairs of iPhones has experience in repairing these devices and may offer you a warranty for the repair.

If your iPhone is eligible for an upgrade

If you have your iPhone for more than two years, and looking to purchase a new phone you may be eligible for an upgrade. Many phone manufacturers offer great discounts in exchange for your existing iPhone, and a broken display can motivate you to upgrade to a new phone.

Some companies buy iPhones with a broken screen; however, they offer you a less discount. Such companies repair and resell them to make money. It is best to replace your broken iPhone for a new iPhone instead of shifting to another brand if you are using Apple phones for a long time.

Protection for your iPhone screen

There are many aftermarket accessories that you can buy for the protection of your device screen. There are phone cases that not only protect the body but also the screen from mild impacts. Make sure the cover you buy offers the protection to the screen. You can even get the screen guard glass that protects the display from falls and impacts. However, you need to take care of your device as no accessory offers 100 percent protection.

Final Words

These were the options for iPhone screen repair and replacement. It is best to have the Apple care warranty and insurance as they offer the best service and cover for the repairs that you may need for your iPhone. After the expiration of the warranty period, you can use any repair service that specialized in the iPhone repairs.

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