Top Tips to Maintain a Car in Perfect Condition

Top Tips to Maintain a Car in Perfect Condition
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Having a car makes our life easy as it offers us the freedom to travel. Whether its daily commuting or vacation traveling, a car can make our trips comfortable. However, every vehicle needs regular maintenance to keep running in perfect condition.

Merely refilling the fuel and checking the tire pressure is not enough. There are many other things like battery, fluids, auto glass, wipers, lights, etc. that you need to maintain to keep your car in good condition. Let us check some essential tips to maintain a car.

Check your car regularly

You need to know about your car and check the essential components regularly. It is best to do a thorough inspection every week probably on weekends to check your car. An inspection lets you know which part of your car needs maintenance and what needs to be repaired.

Get it serviced

It is essential to take your care for routine service as recommended by your car company. Skipping the routine service develops minor problems in the car which turns bigger with time. These problems can damage the spares or components of your vehicle that can be expensive. It is better to spend on the routine service than to spend high on replacement of parts.

Replace the fluids

There are many fluids in a car that you need to check and maintain their proper levels. Every vehicle has brake fluid, coolant, transmission oil, power steering oil and engine oil that need to be monitored and replaced at the right time. It is best to get all the fluids checked while you take your car for a routine service.

Change the engine oil

Change the engine oil

The engine is an essential fluid in a vehicle that protects the wear and tear of moving components in the engine by reducing the friction. Changing the engine oil at the right time is essential. The engine oil needs to be replaced in the routine service. However, you need to check the level of engine oil after running the car for every 2000 km. If the level of oil is near the minimum level, top up with the recommended grade of oil.

Windscreen and windows

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The windshield of a car offers visibility and structural support to the vehicle. Check the windscreen and window glass for any scratch or signs of damage. If there is any crack or chip in your windscreen get it repaired immediately as it can hamper the visibility. Also, check the working of wipers and replace them if they or worn or making the scratch on the windscreen.

Lights and horn

The lights are the signals with which you communicate with others on the road. The headlights offer you visibility on the road. The tails lights tell the vehicles behind your car when you are braking to stop or slow down. If any light is not working correctly, you should replace it immediately. Also, the horn should work correctly to allow you to use it when required.

Check the condition of tires

Check the condition of tires

The tires of a car need replacement after three to four years. The time of replacement depends on the daily running of your vehicle. If the tires of your car are worn, you should replace them to maintain a good grip on the road. Also, it is essential to keep the correct tire pressure to get good mileage and extended tire life.

Alignment of tires

Sometimes the alignment of tires gets imbalanced, and the vehicle does not respond accurately to the steering. In such a case you need to get the wheels realigned in the correct position to drive the car safely. One should never delay or drive a car in case of the wrong alignment of tires as it can lead to accidents.


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The battery of your care powers all the lights and other electric systems. Get the power delivered by the battery checked in every routine service, so that you never run short of the power. Even a small dip in the voltage of the battery can put you in trouble while starting the car. If the battery is weak get it charged or replaced with a new unit.

Interior of the car

The interiors comprise the dashboard, instrument console and the upholstery. All the meters in your instrument console should work properly. In case any of them malfunctions, get them repaired immediately as your car communicates with you through them. Get the interiors vacuum cleaned once a month to maintain the hygiene in your vehicle.

Air conditioning system

The air conditioner of your car allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your vehicle. Sometimes the air conditioner does not work correctly due to lack of power or leakage of gas. You can get the gas refilled by a professional like car air conditioning regas Toowoomba to get you AC work correctly.

Final Words

The points mentioned above are the top tips to maintain a car. The most important point is to observe your car regularly for any problems and get it repaired as soon as possible. Any minor issue if ignored for a time can turn into a hefty expense. Taking care of these tips can help any person to maintain his/her car in perfect condition and enjoy its comfort.

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