The Criteria for Choosing her Bridal Jewelry

The criteria for choosing her bridal jewelry
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A wedding project in sight? In addition to the wedding dress that holds an important place; do not forget to think of the jewels, including the alliance that you will wear that day. However, their choice is not an easy task, the reason for considering the different criteria to be taken into account. What are they? Discover them in detail.

According to the shape of her wedding dress

Know that the choice of your jewelry must first be based on that of your wedding dress to save your time buy jewelry online. Indeed, if it is princess style, jewelry that agrees with will not be the same as those adapted to a mermaid cut. So, every bridal outfit the jewelry set that goes with it!

Depending on his cleavage

With a wedding dress enhanced with a strapless neckline, strapless or with a darling neckline, you do not need to load the neck or chest with large or bulky jewelry. As the goal is to highlight this area of the body, it is necessary to bet on fine and delicate jewels decorated with small precious stones like those, combined with matching earrings. On the other hand, depending on the morphology of your face, you can opt for either long earrings or a big necklace, but never both at the same time.

For a square neckline

If the neckline is square, the ideal is to choose a choker in fine chain decorated with a small stone in the center. As for the previous neckline model, you can also opt for long earrings if you do not like collars so much.

If the collar is of boat shape

For a boat-shaped neckline whose delicate and elegant shape requires a jewel in the same style, a gold or silver chain enhanced with gemstones or diamonds does the trick. The earrings will also be decorated with the same stones, but in the button style.

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For the false neckline

The fake neckline or illusion, hidden under a layer of tulle or lace, is also worn without collar. Indeed, it is already used as an ornament, ear fleas or hanging earrings are largely sufficient to accompany the model of the wedding dress.


In case the dress is backless style, it is also useless to load it with jewels, although a thin back collar of sober and clean style is tolerated.

Asymmetrical neckline

If the front neckline is also asymmetrical, no collar is required either, but you can still wear large earrings. You can do the same if your dress already has lace details or other embellishments, as this may increase your look.

Next color of the dress

Choose your jewelry according to the color of your wedding dress. Also, if it is immaculate white, jewelry in shiny metals such as gold, silver or platinum are perfect, to marry with the stones or pearls that go with it. If it is pure white, yellow or pink gold as well as silver and pearls are indicated. In case you have opted for an ivory-colored outfit that is very trendy at the moment, gold also goes perfectly with it. For a champagne-colored wedding dress, yellow gold jewelry, polished silver decorated with colorful gemstones are ideal. Also opt for rose gold, platinum or diamonds if your dress is pink or pastel blue. In short, it is not recommended to buy jewelry before the wedding dress.

According to the time and place of the celebration

As a wedding is celebrated both during the day and in the evening, the rule is that one also chooses its jewelry in function.

In the first case, we must choose simple and fine jewelry. Indeed, daylight is enough to make them shine brightly. To put a little too much risk of dazzling the eyes of the guests, which is not at all the desired effect? However, proceed in the opposite direction if the celebration takes place in the evening, large earrings, colorful and more extravagant attire may be appropriate.

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The place where the ceremony takes place also holds a place in the choice of jewelry. If it happens in an outdoor area, a garden or a farm put on simplicity. On the other hand, if the party is held in a hotel or an enclosed space, colors in harmony with the decor of the room are ideal.

Depending on his hairstyle

Before buying your jewelry, also determine in advance how you will do your hair that day. Like the dress, the style of hair also determines the type of jewelry to wear. Do you intend to tie your hair? Favor small or round jewels like pearls or diamonds, hanging on a thin chain.

In case you intend to leave them loose, dangling rhinestone earrings or creoles do the trick. Do pretty much the same thing if you have short hair, maxi or long earrings will have a nice effect.

According to the shape of the face

Finally, if you have a round face, choose the necklaces with pendants or the dangling earrings to lengthen it. For a square-shaped face, the round-shaped jewelry will soften its lines. If he is lying down, choose ear fleas or a bulky collar to rebalance the shape of your face.

Do not forget at the end to harmonize these jewels with other accessories such as flower crowns, headbands or brooches knowing that too many colors could hinder the eyes. Also the adage: “the less there is, the better it is ” is always appropriate in this case, unless you know how to combine and harmonize them. When in doubt, always seek the advice of a professional.

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