Reasons To Use Wikipedia As A Marketing Tools

Reasons To Use Wikipedia As A Marketing Tools
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Marketing and advertising have changed a lot in the past few years. With the growth of the internet, businesses are starting to employ the use of social media and other platforms as a way to build their brand identity and reach out to the potential audience directly.

Where mobile apps and social media is playing a vital role in a variety of companies, there are other platforms which businesses have been using for marketing. Despite its drawback as a free encyclopedia, Wikipedia is a great tool for marketing that has been used by many businesses to market their brand effectively. Wikipedia adds credibility to a business having a Wikipedia article along with generating leads.

Where using Wikipedia as a marketing tool can be effective, it can sometimes be as difficult as answering a sphinx riddle.

Using Wikipedia For Marketing

Businesses today are opting Wikipedia for marketing their brand and to improve their sales. Where it was considered as a platform for students trying to make a presentation on a subject, it has far greater implications than just being used for academic purposes.

Wikipedia is one of the top five most visited platforms around the globe. Its popularity is the major reasons why businesses everywhere are acquiring this platform to market their brand. However, this is not the only reason.

Wikipedia is a trusted source of information that will show up on the top five search results on very search engine. Think about it: when a potential client search for your company on a search engine like Google, they are likely going to see your Wikipedia page before they encounter your official website. They will be inclined to believe the information found on Wikipedia because Wikipedia has objective resources.

Wikipedia is the main source from where Google pulls out knowledge for its knowledge graph which has caused an increase in the creation of Wikipedia pages. Sites such as Google+ and Wikidata uses the information present on Wikipedia articles to populate the knowledge graph.

Marketers today are using Wikipedia to help the clients climb up the rank. This is because Google gives quite a lot of authority to Wikipedia and marketers take advantage of it.

How To Write A Wikipedia Article

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If you have the understanding of a particular topic or subject, you can write a Wikipedia article with ease. However, you need to meet the notability guidelines of Wikipedia to get your article published. Before you start writing your article, it is necessary to notice if that topic is previously covered so you could be the one to start it. Here is how you can start with your article.

1.Go To Wikipedia And Sign In To Your Account.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can create an account simply by clicking “create an account” on the top right corner of the article, enter the details for your account in the right places —but make sure not to enter the name of your company— and get your account set up.

2.Make Sure That You Have Thoroughly Researched Your Topic

Before you start writing a Wikipedia page for your business, it is a good idea to carry out thorough research for references to add in your article. Of course, you have the knowledge required to write a good article about your business, but it can sometimes sound glorifying which can end up being removed or flagged. It is a fairly good idea to hire a third party Wikipedia writing service to create your Wikipedia article to make sure your page does not get deleted.

3.Make Sure To Give A Read To Wikipedia’s Resources On Contributing To Wikipedia And Writing Your First Article

Before you start writing an article, make sure that you are familiar with all of Wikipedia’s publishing guidelines. This ensures that your article is not removed or flagged after you have done so much hard work to write your article.

4.Use Wiki’s Article Wizard And Sandbox To Submit Your First Article

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The article wizard will get you through all the steps you need to comply with Wikipedia guidelines to publish your article. On the other hand, the sandbox tool offers you space where you can experiment with your first article while writing and previewing it before publishing.

5.Publish Your Article

After editing your article and previewing it in the tools mentioned above, click on the publishing button where it will be sent to the team of volunteers to review.

6.Monitoring Your Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia being a free encyclopedia encourages people to make edits in the information present on the platform. Once the article is reviewed and published by the volunteers, it is necessary to keep a close eye on the possible changes—be it positive or negative— that can affect the reputation of your business.

Being an entrepreneur, it might be difficult to make time to research, write, and monitor your Wikipedia page. Many businesses today, no matter small or big, are taking advantage of Wikipedia writing service offering writers to research, write, publish and monitor their Wikipedia page.

Over To You

Now that you know the importance of having a Wikipedia page for your business, it is high time that you add Wikipedia in your marketing strategy. Make sure to monitor, and timely update your page for better results in the future.

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