Must-Have Guitar Accessories for a Beginner

Guitars Tuners
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Guitars are a great way of learning and exploring this world with a completely different perspective. They help in reducing stress, lighten the mood, most of all it’s a great hobby. You don’t need a costly setup or large space. All you need is a guitar with some accessories and some source of learning like a booklet, professional teacher or video tutorial.

However, beginners mostly spend more on unnecessary equipment and forget about the important accessories. Eventually, they face problems in playing the chords and then end up in frustration.

If you don’t want to end like this, start your journey the right way with limited but essential pieces of equipment like the few shown in this list.

Extra Strings And Bridge Pins

It is pretty much clear that like every other equipment, guitar parts are also vulnerable to wears. Of course, you can call or visit a store after the damage occurs, but that would mean wastage of time. Moreover, most of these accessories are compact and are inexpensive, so buying some extra is not a big issue.

The guitar strings are under continuous stress and it no rocket science that they will eventually break. You can quickly change them by removing the pins and winding the new guitar strings. But you obviously need some extra lines for it. Further, the bridge pins have the habit of getting lost and so prepare for it too.  

According to the professional at electric guitar store Melbourne, it is best that you keep more than one set of spare, especially for E-minor string.

String Changing And Winding Tools

Now that you have the spare string and know how to place them. The process starts with, removal of the existing cords or at least the part that is still there. You will need a cutting tool to cut it, and a cutting tool is a must for it. There is the option of hand unwinding, but the strings are too thin and penetrate the skin with ease.   

For the next step, you will place the drummed part of the string into the bridge hole and then fix the plug on it. This part is relatively easy unless your plug is stuck. In case, it gets stuck a small plier will solve your problem.

After the initial placement of string, it’s time to wind the line, and you will need a winding tool for it. Fortunately, you don’t need dedicated tools every time, multi-tools are available.

Guitars Tuners

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Guitar strings are mostly metallic or nylon based, which mean they get elongated over time. Moreover, their stress level needs balancing after you change a string. The tension applied on the line has a massive effect on its sound so you cannot rely on your sense every time.  You need a properly calibrated hardware or tuner for this.

These small devices detect the sound of strings and then, present you the reading according to it.  Tuners are available in two types:

  1. Clip-On Tuners – This is a small analogue device which sits in your guitar body and detects vibration generated in it.
  2. Electric Types– This variant is mostly for electric guitars. You have to connect it to your guitar with an AUX cable, and then it will show readings according to it.

If you are low on budget, there are also some software like “Guitar Tuna” that you can use. They are not that reliable, but it’s a lot better than playing an untuned guitar.  

Picks And Holders

Picks And Holders

You don’t need to call a professional at electric guitar store Melbourne to know the importance of a guitar pick. They are essential for playing the guitar.

Most of the dealers offer some picks with every guitar, but they are small and gets lost. Moreover, not everyone uses the same type of guitar picks. For instance, some players prefer strumming, and a standard model works fine for them, but some prefer finger-style and need finger picks. Further, they are available in various sizes, shapes, grips, and thickness.

After doing so much effort in finding a set of picks, losing them, is never a good idea. So, getting a pick holder is also essential.


When someone enters the world of guitar, the first thing is to learn the basic chords. These chords are enough for almost every tune but not all of them. Some of the themes need more complex chord progression that takes time. Moreover, some songs sound better on reduced string length. For this purpose, you can buy a capotasto or capo.

This accessory is also helpful in adjusting keys without having to change chord shapes, which come in handy while playing with vocals. This device clamps down at the fretboard and is an excellent alternative for non-friendly keys like Eb and Bb.

Capo is a lifesaver in situations where you don’t have time to learn a whole new chord.

Holders And Straps

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Holders And Straps

Just imagine waking up one morning and realising that someone stepped on your beloved musical instrument to it just fell from somewhere and broke. It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it?

To prevent such scenarios you have to ensure that you place the equipment carefully. A decent quality guitar holder will come in handy for this work. There are lots of them available in the market. You can get a complete individual set or go for a wall-mounted model according to your needs.  

Moreover, guitars relate to the very soul of a player, and that means no limits of day and night. It is essential that you have easy access to it every hour of the day. A stand lets you place it somewhere in your arms reach.

Further, it ensures that the guitar body maintains a decent distance from the ground and hence protects the upper part from scratches and other damages.

As for outside playing, attach a strap on the two anchor point provides on the guitar body. This strap will hold the instrument while you play it. It’s quite useful when you don’t have a proper sitting place.


These are the most essential guitar accessories that you must have. There are a lot more, which you will acquire with time. Equipment like amplifiers, mic, screwdriver, Allen keys, and a polishing kit will help you to increase the life of the instrument.

There are other things like sliders that facilitates you to play more complex progressions with a little ease.  Overall, there is a lot more, which you will learn during your journey from a beginner to a professional. But for now, just ensure that you get the head start you need.

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