How to Save Cooking Gas at Your Home

How to Save Cooking Gas at Your Home
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Cooking gas is an essential commodity for every home. Almost every household uses cooking gas for the preparation of food. However, with the increase in prices of cooking gas, every family needs to think of the ways to save it and use it efficiently. Using too much of cooking gas can increase your utility bills.

There are many ways to save on cooking gas and control your utility bills. You can maintain the gas equipment in good condition and use flat utensils and pressure cookers for cooking the food. This post shares some tips on how to save cooking gas at home.

Maintain your gas equipment

If the gas equipment in your home is not in good condition, it will waste a lot of gas. If you see a yellow flame on your gas stove, you need to clean the burners. The flame of your stove should always be blue. Change your gas tube every six months and regulator every year. Maintaining your gas equipment not only saves gas but also prevents leakage.

Dry the utensils before cooking

Some people place the wet pans and cookers on the stove. Some gas is wasted in drying the water from the utensils before you put the raw food and ingredients. Even 2 to 5 seconds of drying time can lead to a significant wastage of gas if you cook three times a day. It is best to wipe the pans and cookware before placing them at the stove.

Do not overcook

Most people do not pay attention to the time of cooking and overcook the food. It also leads to wastage of gas. For example, if a meal requires 15 minutes of cooking, and you cook it for 20 minutes, the last 5 minutes of cooking leads to wastage of gas. The best way to avoid the overcooking of foods is to set a reminder on your phone to turn off the gas.

Use flat cookware

Use flat cookware

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A flat pan covers the burner flame more effectively than a small utensil. The flat cookware utilises all the heat from the flame for cooking while a small pan allows it to escape from the sides. Using a flat pan can prepare the meals faster that narrow utensils, thereby saving the cooking gas.

Prepare on medium heat

Some people have the habit of cooking every meal on a high flame which leads to wastage of gas. It is best to know the required level of heat for every recipe. If you don’t know about the heat required to prepare a recipe, it is better to use a medium flame than high flame. Cooking the meals on medium flame can save a significant amount of gas.

Keep the raw material ready

It is best to keep the raw materials ready before turning on the gas stove. If you start chopping the onions or start collecting the ingredients after turning on the gas stove, a lot of gas will be wasted. Keeping all the materials ready before cooking can make your gas last longer.

Cover the utensils

Covering the pans or cooking utensils cooks the meals faster than uncovered containers. When you cover the cooking pan with a plate, the steam gets accumulated in the pan as it escapes very slowly as compared to open utensils. The steam in the utensil cooks the foods faster and reduces the cooking time. If you have never covered the pan while cooking, try it once, and you will do it every time to save the gas.

Use pressure cookers

Use pressure cookers

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The pressure cooker cooks the foods by using the pressure of steam. They are best for the whole grain foods like pulses, peas and potatoes. Using the pressure cookers for cooking such foods can save plenty of gas and time.

Soak the pulses

Pulses take more time to cook than the vegetables as they are hard. Soaking the legumes in water softens them and cooks them faster. It is best to soak the goods like black grams, peas and pulses overnight and cook them in a pressure cooker. Soaking reduces the cooking time and saves the gas significantly.

Check the gas barrel

It is essential to check the gas barrel and its seal while taking the delivery. Sometimes the seal is worn, and the gas can leak even when the regulator is off. The companies delivering the gas bottles Gold Coast helps you to check the barrels before you receive the delivery. Checking the gas bottle while taking the delivery can prevent the leakage and wastage of gas.

Final Words

The points mentioned above are the best tips to save cooking gas. You can use them to save the LPG at your home and also your utility expenses. Following these tips can help any household to save the cooking gas and use it more efficiently.  

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