How to Paint a Home like a Pro

How to Paint a Home like a Pro
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Painting a room or an entire house is an exciting task for those who like to paint. It is easy to paint, inexpensive and if anything goes wrong, it is easy to fix. So, there is no reason for not trying to paint at least a wall or room at your home.

You cannot paint like professionals, but painting your house can make you learn many things. You will learn about all the equipment required, a variety of paints and the mistakes DIYers usually make while painting a house.

You need to make preparations and collect all the materials needed to paint a house. This post shares the steps to paint a home like a pro.

Plan the painting approach

Before you begin to paint a room, you need to plan the entire process and imagine the outlook in your mind. Imagine how your room will look after the paintwork, and don’t limit your plan to only one colour. You can paint an accent wall in a bold colour and other walls in a sober shade. Also, plan to highlight the moldings in a high contrasting finish.

Collect all the tools and materials

The paint job requires multiple tools depending on how you want to paint your room.  You need to collect the tools for preparatory work and painting the walls. The standard tools you need are as follows.

  1.    Paint
  2.    Paint roller
  3.    Paint roller extension pole
  4.    Drop Cloths
  5.    Paintbrushes
  6.    Paint tray
  7.    Sandpaper
  8.    Painter’s tape
  9.    Rags
  10.    Putty knife

Pre-paint Preparation

Pre-paint Preparation

The pre-painting work needs scrapping the walls with sandpapers and scrapers to remove the loose paint. You need sandpapers to smoothen the edges or old paint and make the surface uniform for the new colour. Moreover, you need to fill all the visible holes, cracks, and dents with Plaster of Paris to prepare the walls for paint. Preparing the walls before painting may not be the fun part, but it is essential for the long life of your new paint.

Priming the walls

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Not all the painters recommend priming the walls, but it offers many benefits to the homeowners. There are three main advantages of priming the walls. It prevents the stains from bleeding. Moreover, it provides a smooth finish even after the first coat of paint. Your walls will not need a second coat to get the finish you want.

In addition to these two benefits, it also improves the paint adhesion, which prevents the peeling and blisters on the walls. In simple words, priming extends the life of your new paint.

Cover the floor and furniture

You need to remove all the fixtures from the walls and cover all the furniture and other items in your rooms. If possible, you must remove everything from the area to make the painting easier. In case you don’t want to remove the stuff from your rooms, you can shift it to the center of the room and cover everything with plastic drop cloths or canvas.

The canvas drop clothes absorb the drops of paint, and you can easily fold them around the corners and doorways. Use a safe release painter’s tape around the windows, baseboards and door trims.

Painting a room

Once you are done with the pre-paint preparation of the walls, you can start painting them. Before you begin painting, make sure, that everything except the walls is covered for protection from the paint. You can start by painting the ceiling with a roller. Cut in the walls using a narrow brush around the ceiling, corners, plugs, switches, and baseboards as you cannot paint these areas with a roller.

Extend your reach

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Extend your reach

You can use an extendable handle and mount the roller on its head to paint the walls. Using the paint roller with extendable handle allows you to paint the walls without a ladder. Make sure you keep the doors and windows open while painting as it will enable the free flow of air and faster drying of walls.

Removing the painters’ tape

It is essential to remove the painter’s tape before the drying of paint. If you remove the tape after drying the paint, it will also remove the colour from the edges. Then remove the drop cloth or canvas from the floors. Clean the furniture and floors if there are any stains in the paint.

Final Words

Painting a wall or an entire house is not an easy task. You can use the above tips to paint a house, but if you are not confident, it is best to hire a professional painting company. If you live in Sydney, you can try the professional painting services in Arncliffe to paint your house. However, the above-given tips can help the people who want to paint their home themselves to paint like a pro.

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