How to Create a Fire Escape Plan for Your Office

Create a Fire Escape Plan for Your Office
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A fire can break out at any time at any place due to any reason. Although we can take various preventive measures to make our spaces fireproof, no place is completely safe from the fire like disasters. Therefore, it is essential for us to have a fire fighting as well as a fire evacuation plan.

Whether it’s your home or office, you must have a fire escape plan for the safety of your family and employees. Most businesses in Victoria have a fire evacuation plan, but many small companies lack any such plan.  Here in this post let us share some tips on how to create a fire escape plan for your office.

How to Create a Fire Escape Plan for Your Office

Consider all the Scenarios

You need to consider all the scenarios that can lead to fire breakouts. According to research, most of the fires break out due to the malfunctioning of electrical equipment. Moreover, the waste paper, improper storage of flammables and cooking equipment are also some potential causes of the fires at offices.

Create a quick reaction team

To create a fire fighting plan for your office, you must have a quick reaction team which should be the first to respond in case of a fire like an emergency. Pick some active employees in your office that are physically and medically fit. You need to train these employees for fire fighting and evacuation to help others during emergencies.

Fire safety training

Your employees may not know anything about the fire fighting or fire escape plan. A fire evacuation plan needs professional training to train the employees to follow the fire evacuation plan. Consult a professional fire safety trainer to help you create a fire evacuation plan Victoria and train your employees to follow the same.

Create a communication plan

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Communication is essential during fires and other emergencies. Fires create panic at any place, and effective communication can make things easier and help people to escape the building easily to gather at the required area. Your quick response team members should communicate with each other and the authorities to help other employees evacuate the building safely.

Evacuation routes

Evacuation routes

There are multiple areas in an organization depending on the size of the building. Small companies can have single room offices; the medium and large companies can comprise 10 to 50 areas for which you need to create the fire escape plan. Every area needs a primary and a secondary escape route for safe evacuation. You should mark all the escape routes with clear signs to guide the employees about how to use the routes.  Moreover, large companies should have multiple routes, and the employees should know about the path they need to follow.

Fire safety devices

Most companies in Sydney have installed the fire safety devices in their offices like fire alarms, spray fountains, and emergency lighting and exits. However, if your company lacks all these devices, you need to install the relevant equipment according to the size of your business. For example, if you have a company with two to five small areas, you don’t need the spray fountains. Smoke detection alarms and fire extinguishers would be enough for small companies.

Choose a gathering spot

You need to have a gathering spot in your plan, at which all the people would gather after evacuation. The fire warden or a member of your quick response team would count all the employees to ensure everybody has evacuated safely. You may also include a post-evacuation attendance session to match with the attendance of employees present on that day.

Reporting the activities

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The members of your quick response team need to inform the progress of all the activities in the fire fighting and evacuation. Fire spreads quickly within an area and seconds could make a real difference between danger and safety. The best way is to send all the employees a mail or message on their phone and ask them to respond. You need to take care of the employees who don’t respond as direct your resources to help them.

Don’t forget to call fire safety services

Even though you have a sound fire evacuation plan, it is essential to call the fire fighting service in your area. The fire safety professionals are the ones who can make the real difference. They are trained and equipped to fight any fires. Calling them should be the first thing that your chief fire warden or quick response team should do in case of fire breakouts.

Final words

Fire fighting is not easy, and you need a solid plan for the safety of your employees and office assets. The points in this post are the tips for creating a fire escape plan for your business. Following these points can help any organization to create a sound evacuation plan for the fire like emergencies.

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