Why a customized mobile app is better choice for businesses?

To attract the target audience, businesses are looking forward to provide unique and dedicated solutions to them. This has become possible with custom mobile app development and so, it has gained momentum in a last few years. Generic apps are designed keeping in mind the overall requirements and preferences of any business domain. However, businesses […]

How Intelligent Healthcare Management Systems Are A Boon to Clinics and Hospitals?

As smartphone technology gets infinitely smarter over time, healthcare apps are becoming equally smart, multi-functional and user-friendly. Until 2017, there were over 325,000 recorded healthcare mobile apps in the top app stores around the world with Android topping the list (source: research2guidance). The major driving forces behind this exponential increase is the ever-inflating adoption of […]

Why On-Demand Business Model Has Become So Popular Amongst Entrepreneurs?

On-demand apps have been ruling the market for a few years. The on-demand economy has influenced several industries including, food, transportation, grocery, healthcare, electronic equipment, beauty, home services, etc. Due to quickest delivery options, superior shopping experience, instant payment facility, etc., even the customers like these services a lot. This economy has captured the market […]