what is breathalyzer ? How it works ?


Do you know what is the breathalyzer that is doing and what does it do? What is the blood alcohol that I need? If someone carries a car and drives the car and takes possession of the police, then how does he finally know that the person driving the vehicle consumed the amount of alcohol.

Drink and drive should never be done. This itself is fatal for itself. After driving, after driving, you may not be able to drive in a manner that is likely to get bogged down.

What is Breathalyzer?

How to find out that someone is driving and driving a car. Seeing any person or seeing his greed, it can not be judged that he has been drunk.

Robert Frank Borkenstein who was the captain in Indiana State Police and later Professor at Indiana University Bloomington. He invented the breathalyzer in 1954 and registered it on 13th May 1954 as a trade mark. They used chemical oxidase and photometry to detect blood alcohol.

Later, he started using infrared spectroscopy to detect blood alkaloids in the breathalyzer. In 1967 tom parry jones who were Lecturers of UWIST and William ‘Bill’ Ducie, a chartered electric engineer, created the first electronic breathalyzer and established the Lion Laboratory. Blood samples can also be detected by blood sample, but in this blood sample will have to be sent to the lab. By that time the driver of the carriage will go home.

That is why we need a device that can detect immediately how much alcohol has consumed.

How Breathalyzer works?

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As soon as we eat alcohol, our body begins to absorb it immediately. This means that we take input from it and from where it gives the output, it becomes unbearable. And it gets absorbed in our blood by absorbing our lungs. It is known by respiration.

The breathalyzer breathes in the breath of the body, and it detects how much alcohol is in the blood of the person. Or how much a drink has been done. Now the result in which it comes is 0.015, 0.08, 0.025, it is rarely seen, but it seems to know how much alkalak is in your body.

The result is 0.05, 0.08, or whatever it means that this result shows only the amount of the alkalool in your per 100 ml blood. As if the result comes in 0.08, it means that 8 grams of alcohol in your body is 100 ml per blood.

It happens in different ranks in different countries. Or it is said that all the countries have their own limit range. And if you drive on top of sugarcane, then it will become illigal.

Types of Breathalyzer ?

  1. simple/color breathalyzer
  2. Intoxilyzer
  3. alco censor 
  • Simple Breathalyzer

In this, the color of the drink is changed when it is fukta. And according to that changed color, it is known that how much alkalak is in the blood of this person.

  • Intoxilyzer

In this type of breathalyzer, it is detected by infrared spectroscopy that how many molecules in inhaled alcohol are. In this, an error solution is obtained by checking infrared rays through infrared rays. And it is known to him that only the amount of Alokolak in the blood of the person is in the blood.

  • Alco censor 
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This is an electronic breathalyzer device. In this, a fuel cell is used. And when someone kicks in it, then the fuel cell becomes activate and by calculating it immediately, it tells you how much the blood is in the blood.

If you are thinking that you can cheat the breathalyzer then you are wrong. It can not be cheat in any way. If we cheat it, then it is the loss of people in it. if the police prevents us from drink and drive, then the police are concerned about our safety. So we must think about our own safety.

The breathalyzer is a very good device by which it can be immediately detected that a person has drunk or not, and if so, how much of a drink is done. I want to repeat once again that we should never drink and drive.

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