Top Swimming Pool Designs and Styles

Top Swimming Pool Designs and Styles

Gone are the days of conventional swimming pools that were available in a few designs. The modern pools are far better in shapes and styles than the traditional pools and serve different purposes. Forget the 8 shape pools and the L shape pools, that were designed to catch the attention of people but don’t serve any particular purpose.

Today’s swimming pools are more sophisticated designs and styles and used for different purposes. With the arrival of new technologies and tools, we have a variety of options to choose the shape, size, design, and type of pool for our home or business. Let us check some of the best swimming poll designs and styles.


The spool is the modern concept that is a combination of spa and pool. These pools are usually small in size and serve the purpose of relaxation and entertainment for the family. Many people use it to chill in the summers and fill it with warm water in winters.

People who are fond of spa pools add aromas and herbs in warm water to enjoy their benefits and spread the fragrance. The best advantage of a spool is that they are small and don’t cost much like the conventional pools. Also, they require low maintenance due to the small size.

Natural Pools

Natural pools are made by combining the pools and a garden with plants and shrubs. These are medium size pools surrounded by a small garden with evergreen shrubs and plants. They are usually made in freeform shapes and styles with boulders and waterfalls to create a view of nature. A lining or rubber or polyethylene is installed in these pools. Skimmers and pumps are fit for circulation of water across the rocks, gravels, and pool. The natural pools look more like a pond than like a pool.

Architectural pool

Architectural pool

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As the name suggests, architectural pools are designed by an architect. These pools have a geometric shape and design that matches the design of the house for which it is built. Usually, the architectural pools are made at the same time while building a house to match the design and layout. Homeowners who want a unique and matching look of the pool with the house prefer architectural pools.

Above ground pools

The above ground pools are built on the ground without the need of digging a hole in the land. They are inexpensive and portable due to which it is most preferred by the middle class. Owners can take it with them on holidays and vacations. These polls are easy to build on any type of land whether plain or rocky. The above ground pools are available in all sizes, and you can select one depending on the area where you want to install the pool.

Recreational pools

Recreational pools

Recreational pools are made for entertainment and fun in the evenings and off-working hours. They are designed like a water park on a small scale. These pools are equipped with more features like slides, boulders, tunnels, caves, fountains and more water features to offer it a great look. Recreational pools are best for fun loving people and for organizing the celebrations and parties.

Inflatable pools for kids

These are the inflatable pools that are specially made for kids. Suitable for people with less space and those who want an inexpensive pool, inflatable pools are the best option. Also, known as kiddie pools, they are portable, and you can carry them with you at holidays and vacations. Owners can also fold them and carry along for camping on the sites where they are allowed. All you need is an inflator pump and water pump to fill it before the kids use the pool.

Salt water pools

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The saltwater pools are highly popular as they are easy to maintain and the owners don’t need to add the chlorine manually. A saltwater pool is not a design or style; it is a salt water chlorinator that you need to add to your pool. The chlorinator produces the chlorine automatically. You can add the chlorinator to any type of pool to make it a chlorine free pool.

Indoor pools

Indoor pools can be of any type covered with a shed. The makers of the pool like the pool builders Perth cover them with a structure of poles and fiber sheets. Indoor pools can be semi-covered or fully covered depending on the requirements. They offer protection from harsh sun, storms, and rainwater.

Final Words

These are the various types of swimming pools that are gaining popularity nowadays. The pool builders Perth provide a variety of pool designs and customized styles depending on your requirements. With the availability of a variety of options and low-cost pools, it is now possible for most homeowners to install a pool in their homes.

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