Top 5 local SEO tips that will raise your Google ranking drastically

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SEO is no more a minor marketing tool but has become one of the most important and vastly used tools to market a company online. It has evolved extremely over the last few years and experts have dropped in to put finer nuances to the art of it. Now, you find what were previously small SEO components becoming major fields of work now, such as technical optimization and on-page landing. We do not yet know how impactful it will be in the future. But, as of now, it is becoming giant of a tool to market anything online.

Want to boost your Google Ranking in just two months? If yes, here are a few tips and tricks suggested by Mr Mike, an SEO at EssayWriter4U, who has helped many organizations to achieve their ranking objectives.

1. Local Keyword Research:

The First rule of SEO, find out what your customer is looking for. You will have to find out the keywords a user will type in if he/she needs a particular service. You will have to build up your strategy in accordance with that. There are a lot of methods you can try to find out what your customer is typing for. You can also try Google Ad words; it has a Keyword Planner which shows the most used keywords per country. It will make the process simple when you get the gist of it.

2. NAP Consistency:

NAP is short for ‘Name, address, and place’. So what does NAP consistency mean? It means that the name of your business, the address of your business, and website address. The internet is filled with crawlers who will pick on even the minutest of changes in any detail. If Google notices differences in NAP throughout its use of crawlers, your website ranking will go down. That is because there was no consistency in your NAP in the first place. If there are variances, you can go to listings and get it corrected.

3. Google My Business Listing:

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This is a very good tool to manage your presence online. Google allows you to fill out and publish information about your business or organization. It collects and shows a lot of primary data that helps out businesses in order to understand how the customer is approaching their business.  A business can analyze their data and then proceed to work on their shortcomings. It does allow seeing a lot of improvement areas, and using this app will only help you increase ranking on search.

4. Local SEO optimized landing page:

This is a critical element when it comes to getting the customers you want. Local SEO optimization is all about letting the local customers find you. First, you will need to understand where your local customers are coming from. It might be that they are coming from locations that are too far away. You can try Google Analytics to find such data. If you are only serving to one-state or have a one-stop shop, it is recommended that you optimize the page for local SEO. If you are targeting different cities, it is advised that you create unique landing pages for each. Your site will have to fulfill all the prerequisites of Google before being locally optimized.

5. Schema.Org Markup:

The Schema is one of the newest tools in the field of SEO and one of the least used ones. Though, it is beneficial and helpful to any SEO expert; the tool has not gained so much popularity till now. It not only tells Google what your data says but also tells it what your data means. It also allows you to rank much higher than other methods where Schema is not used. All you need is to put the Schema in your HTML coding and it will allow you to take advantage of it and get your ranking higher.


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We have put in 5 techniques you can easily master through the help of Google Guides and a bit of mentoring from SEO experts. If you are a small business, you can easily use the techniques mentioned above to increase your rankings and get to the customers you want to serve. Hope it helps you understand SEO and benefit from its methods.

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