The Absolute Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

The Absolute Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

Everyone longs to find a great partner in life and hopes to build a happy and healthy relationship with them. We all want to be in a situation where we feel true and outwardly happy.  For many people, it is first necessary to explore a relationship and sometimes many relationships, before we find a successful one! Often, it’s not even about finding a specific kind of relationship. But more than that, to create a relationship that offers the kind of love, security and partnership we want.

No matter if the relationship is short or long, people in 2019 have really started to take the cake when it comes to breaking in the worst possible way. That’s why I decided to make a list of the bad ways to break up with someone.

  1. Disconnect by SMS, e-mail or voicemail

This method of dissolution is incredibly cold-hearted. This method too is very, very, very impersonal. The longer the relationship, the less appropriate it is to end a relationship with these methods. You should definitely have “the conversation” if you want to break up with someone. These are very cowardly ways to separate.


  1. Ghosting and completely wordless disappear

Everyone needs and deserves some kind of closure. Even the awful separation of text messages is a tiny deal, though this method is so bad. When someone is ghostly and completely disappears, he lets the other person guess and often imagines the worst.

The person who was ghostly can pursue you even harder because they will not know or understand what has happened. This is more than selfish. This method wastes time and emotions of the people. This is another cowardly way to break up.

  1. With anger, bitterness. and resentment
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It ends with a passionate confrontation in which people fight with emotional weapons, scream or scream, call themselves, threaten, harass, publicly embarrass or even burn a bridge when not really necessary.

Separations should be handled better than bending over as flat as names and so on. When you started the relationship, you were an adult, so behave like one, if it does not work out. Take the road and at least try to stay warm and wish each other the best.

  1. Wait until you are intimate

This is one of the worst ways to break someone up. Regardless of whether the person was a virgin or simply trusted, this is not only a bad way to separate, but it is a heartless and very cruel way to use someone.

To have empty intimacy and to mislead people through thinking games etc. is the worst thing. If people mislead others in this way, karma may eventually bite them back, but it can take a long time for the affected person to heal, and it’s really an unfortunate selfish act.

  1. Bad timing

Selfishly breaking up in a totally inappropriate time It’s never a good time to part with or disconnect from someone. For example, not before a person’s big meeting, on their birthday, or even just after your birthday (do not wait for your present and then wait for peace, new!).

Even if someone goes through a really difficult period in their lives and may even have lost someone nearby who is important to them, do not start too early. Be decent enough to realize that the timing is everything.


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