Pilot Jobs | 6 Things You Should Know

Pilot Jobs | 6 Things You Should Know

So, you just finished your aeronautical course, you have a license and looking for entry-level pilot jobs.  Experience is what will help you grow as a pilot and you must not give up on learning new skills day by day. Rough challenges might discourage you but you will come out as a wise pilot. In this post, you will get the best advice on how to go about your first pilot job.

  1. Smooth flights will keep you safe

If you want to experience passenger friendly flights, always be smooth in anything you do. No matter the flight condition, avoid overreacting because you might just create a bigger problem. Always remember what your instructor insisted on- small corrections go a long way.

  1. Polish your knowledge

For every additional skill you learn, you will be the greatest beneficiary of the investment for your new commercial pilot jobs. Increase your adeptness at landings, VFR planning, autorotations, and other flight techniques. Make sure you are thorough as far as emergency procedures go.

  1. Understand your location

You must always be aware of where you are all the time. Also, learn about the nearest aircrafts by tuning in the Unicom frequencies. Know what you should do in case the GPS fails.

  1. Take good care of the aircraft

The cost of repairing an aircraft is very high. The last thing you want is to damage a helicopter on your first officer pilot job. So, give the machine the attention it deserves by regular inspections. You will also learn its capabilities in the process of inspection.

  1. Know the weather
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Climatic conditions have caused tremendous aviation accidents. In your pre-flight checklist, include weather checks to understand how the weather is doing. Avoid going to areas with risky weather and where you are not supposed to be. To understand the weather much better, consider enrolling for a meteorology course. It will help you master your aerial survey pilot job.

  1. Avoid flying too near the ground

Flights that are too close to the ground are some of the leading causes of aircraft accidents. If you are scud running or buzzing, you might cause a premature impact. Besides knowing the safe latitude rules, make sure you have the skills necessary to maneuver at low altitudes for long periods of time.

Small issues like rough landing should not stop your progress as you do the commercial pilot jobs. For every experience, make the best out of it and aim at improving your skills through remedial training.

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