Need more leads? Start blogging

Need more leads Start blogging

Customers often ask us why should we start blogging? Blogging for companies does that yield something (Return On Investment)? Blogging as a marketing tool is that done in a B2B environment?

Customers often ask us why should we start blogging? Blogging for companies does that yield something (Return On Investment)? Blogging as a marketing tool is that done in a B2B environment?

A recent survey shows that 67% of all marketers see the blog as their most valuable channel. That blogging is the central point of inbound marketing.

With the following 12 reasons, we convince our customers why they should start blogging as a marketing tool:

  1. Blogging provides relevant visitors
    Start with a blog for your company, place as much relevant information as possible and wait for a while. 82% of users have a problem and are looking for information or a solution. These visitors will have a greater interest in your services or products when they read about your solution on your blog.
  2. You are considered an expert
    A company blog is a public demonstration of your abilities, integrity and knowledge. By blogging on topics related to your services and company you not only inform your readers, but you also share knowledge. Eventually visitors will come back to your blog because they know that they will find an answer to their questions regarding your field.
  3. Blogging makes your business more human
    Because you share and write your knowledge under your own name, you will also be regarded more as a person instead of a company. You become a person who shares insights, is helpful and also takes a vulnerable position by taking a position.

    Through the company blog, your visitors get an insight into your company, your culture and your vision. It makes your business more human.
  4. Get into dialogue with readers
    If you blog with a solid CMS, you can give readers the opportunity to respond to your blog. readers who respond can be a lead, agree with your opinion or go against it. In any case, reactions elicit reactions and that’s how dialogues develop your visitors.
  5. Recent messages = better website
    Google periodically visits your website to see if there are any new articles. The more the site is visited by Google, the better it will score in the search engines. Your website has more news to tell than your competitor and therefore Google will find it better.
  6. Every blog article is an SEO opportunity
    We have seen a rising trend in the use of the “long tail” keyword combinations. Users of search engines are more focused on looking for information by using a longer keyword combination. For example: “wooden windows country style”  

    Therefore it is important not to ignore these searches. They have a lower search volume but are very valuable because they are very targeted.

    It is impossible to process these “long tail” searches anywhere in your website. What you can do is take into account if you write a blog item on that topic and so be found better in Google. 
  7. You’ll find it better on google
    No one will link to your product or services page, surfers do not like commercial ads. Visitors are more likely to link to an article on your blog, because valuable content can be found there. You provide interesting, informative and especially not commercial information. Because of the many links to your blog, you will score better on Google, get more visitors and eventually more leads.
  8. A stronger presence on social media
    By sharing your articles on social media you reach more people of your target group.
    It is also important that visitors can easily share your blog entries on social media. When you use sub-options such as Facebook, Twitter and other networks, you will increase accessibility and attract more visitors to your website.
  9. Blogging provides more leads
    If you give your visitors interesting information, they will also be more likely to click on a call to action buttons (CTA) on your website. For example, subscribe to the newsletter, download a whitepaper, free advice, … You can then use these email addresses to send your newsletter to. And read Entrepreneur Timeline Stories.
  10. Blogging helps you to new customers
    By blogging more you increase the chance to get new leads. The more leads, the greater the chance that you will attract new customers. Because you share information, visitors also trust you faster, making them easier to become a customer.
  11. The marketing ROI becomes positive
    The Return On Investment (ROI) for all the work can be measured fairly easily. Due to the high number of extra leads, but especially the new customers, the ROI is positive for 79% of the companies with a company blog.   
  12. More long-term sales
    This is a logical consequence of all previous points. By increasing your expert status and your findability you attract more visitors to your website. If you win their trust, chances are that they will purchase a product or service from you.

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