Lots of Way to Motivate Your Employees

Lots of Way to Motivate Your Employees
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Treating your staff to rewards after they reach certain goals and achieve milestones, is a fantastic way of motivating them to work harder while at the same time keeping them happy!

A great way of rewarding your staff is to present them with experience days, and with such a variety of gifts to choose from, your pretty much guaranteed to find something that will appeal to everyone, no matter what their age, gender or hobbies.

Experience gifts are ideal incentives for staff, to keep them focused on their goals and are most definitely a fun way of rewarding them, rather than the boring financial equivalent.

Here are a handful of great gift ideas, all costing £50 or less (any more than this may dishearten those who don’t manage to reach their goals).

Chocolate Indulgence Experience

There’s a reason why the majority of people love chocolate… It’s amazing! So for all the chocolate-loving staff, why not treat them to an indulgent afternoon of pure bliss.

For the lucky people taking part in this gift experience, they’ll be able to completely surround themselves with everything chocolate related, from learning how it’s made to trying a sample or ten! They’ll also be entitled to choose from 17 specialty chocolate drinks, a slice of gateaux, a chocolate dipping platter and 100 grams of Coronet Chocolates.

Be prepared for your staff to love you!

Indoor Skydiving

An ideal gift for any thrill-seeker, indoor skydiving provides that great buzz but in a completely safe environment.

After checking in, you take part in a short class with a video brief and instruction, and then you’re off! This experience offers two, one-minute flights where you’ll learn the basic freefall position. You also get a DVD as a reminder of this awesome day.

Vineyard Tour and Tasting

How many of your staff do you reckon to go home after a hard day’s work and have a cheeky glass or two of wine? Probably a fair few…

So why not make it a learning experience with a guided tour of a vineyard, explaining the history of English wine, why certain grapes work best, the vineyard methods, and, most importantly getting to taste it all for themselves.

Grand Prix Karting

A fun and exhilarating gift, Grand Prix karting is an experience that many people, men or women, would love to partake in.

This type of gift day will test driving skills and endurance to the max on some of the country’s most demanding circuits.

The day will usually consist of a safety briefing, instructions on kart controls and practice laps, until you’re finally let loose to enjoy the thrill of driving like a pro. The fastest around the track even wins a prize trophy!


Having gift experiences such as these are a great way of motivating your staff, providing them with a gift that they can really look forward to should they work hard enough.

There are many other popular experience gifts that are available out there, such as traditional afternoon tea, helicopter rides, paintballing and the Segway experience. So there’s bound to be something for everyone.

It’s also worth noting that there’s something in it for your business too, as you can claim up to £150 on expenses for every member of staff – proving that experience gifts keep both employer and employee happy!

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