Golf Course Maintenance Pitfalls – Fast Green Speeds and Use of Pesticides

Golf Course Maintenance Pitfalls - Fast Green Speeds and Use of Pesticides
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When you have all golf course maintenance equipment such as John Deere golf course mowers, it is easy to overcome golf course maintenance pitfalls. In the past, we have covered maintenance issues due to poor communication and overwatering. So, let’s cover some more golf course maintenance pitfalls in this article.

Fast Green Speeds   

It is not right to say that fast green speeds are a maintenance issue. The real issue is the turf maintenance to keep fast greens. Golf course superintendents create strategies to obtain fast putting green speed. This strategy includes preserving nutrients and lowering cutting heights. However, you might have noticed that ball rolls faster on compacted and bare soil. This is not acceptable. There should be a balance between reasonable putting speeds and healthy grass.    

It greatly depends on the region. Poa annua begins to grow and spread when you have done excessively close mowing with your John Deere golf course mowers. Bentgrass becomes weak and thin due to excessive mowing. The moderate or high presence of Poa annua makes it difficult to maintain a consistent and healthy playing surface. The maintenance of the golf course also becomes more expensive. Keeping mowing height at least 5/32inch is good the health and playability of the surface.

Low fertility means reduced recuperative ability of the turf. This increases the risk of diseases and also increases traffic-related problems. So, when you are creating a maintenance program, keep in mind what is best for the health and growth of the grass plant. In the end, you want a healthy and consistent putting surface. You can use fertilizers to improve leaf and root density. Use the right amount of fertilizers to grow healthy and strong turf. Topdressing plus light and frequent grooming improve the productivity of your fertility program. Keep mowing height reasonable. This will provide you with putting speed between 7.5 and 9.0 feet which is very reasonable. When you are preparing the golf course for a special event, double mowing will be a safe option for increasing putting green speed without overstressing the grass.

Rolling is also an option available for increasing the green speeds. It depends on the equipment you are using and the soil texture. Rolling will increase the speed but only for one or two days. It is very expensive and unrealistic to achieve consistent ultra-fast green speeds. This is not good for the health of the grass. Focus on growing healthy and strong grass and then pick the right option for increasing green speed.     

Use of pesticides

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Unnecessary use or overuse of pesticides is not good for the health of the grass plant. Some golf superintendents are too proactive. It is good to take preventive measures but not in all situations. Golf superintendents often start spraying pesticides even before the symptoms and signs of pests begin to appear. Stopping something wrong from happening makes sense. Preventive spray programs are efficient and economical. However, we cannot foretell that the problem will occur. It is very rare that pests will attack fairways, trees and greens with the same intensity.        

So, spot the areas that are most likely to be attacked. Treat these hot spots and keep eye on the rest of the golf course. And obviously, you should choose the right pesticide in the right amount to treat.

This game is becoming more and more popular. Just like other golf courses, your golf course also must be packed with players making proper maintenance more difficult. There is no way you can take golf course maintenance lightly. Make calculated decisions. Invest in the best John Deere golf course mowers and other golf course maintenance equipment.  

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