Colonial Architecture in India

Colonial Architecture in India
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There are so many architectures in the world. Among them, Colonial architecture is also present around the world. The meaning of this architecture is: an architectural sculpts from a country which has been included in the structures or city-state in remote places. There is much architecture in India. As an explorer, you can involve yourself in an enhanced understanding of Indian History. When Britishers ruled in India, there were so many Indian cities that went in the course of foremost revolutions. British style architecture is one of the things that we appreciate at present. Colonial building in India is evidence of the time that has passed by. They present a ruling era of British India in present times. Some of these buildings have turned into important government workplaces, whereas furthers are sadly deteriorating with every passing time. You can plan your itinerary well-having options for hotel, bus, train available with amazing discount offers with Yatra Coupons. So, in this article, we will be talking about the colonial architectures in India for the inquisitive traveller. These are:


This is a city that has so many iconic monuments. During British rule, Mumbai was acknowledged as ‘Bombay’. Modelled after the Big Ben of London, the Rajabai Clock Tower is one of the prominent structures in the city. The structure is built in Gothic and Venetian styles and was finished in 1878. General Post-office, one of the ancient post offices of India is in Mumbai. This was constructed with the black basalt. David Sassoon Library, an ancient library that is said to be constructed in 1870 has a large and an atypical compilation of book. There are many more such as Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal and Gateway of India that are built in colonial style.


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Known as Madras, Chennai is another most important India city that was one of Britisher’s main cities of India.  It stands on the second number to have a large number of colonial architecture. In fact, during British rule, the Madras Presidency was known as a governmental section. One of the most important structures is The Madras High Court that stands in the recent day also.  However, it was exploded by the German warship.

Built in 1887, The Town Hall is so far one more significant colonial construction. This was built in Romanesque style to honour the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria. In addition to this, the buildings of PWD, YMCA College, Victoria Public Hall, and the Government Museum University and of Madras etc. are very prominent structures that showcase the British influence.


During the British era, the Kolkata was known as Calcutta. It was also an important city throughout the British Rule. Kolkata was moreover the principal metropolis of British India. One can clearly see a lot of colonial architecture. Victoria Memorial is one of the fine-looking monuments of British architecture in the city. At present, Victoria Memorial is a museum that was constructed in the remembrance of Queen Victoria. St. Paul’s Cathedral is nonetheless an additional colonial structure to Victoria Memorial which was constructed in 1847. Metropolitan Building is yet another ancient building, which was then recognized as the White way Laidlaw department store. This was constructed in 1905.


GOA is one of the most-liked holiday destinations in the whole world. It has picturesque coasts, out of the ordinary cuisine, reasonably priced hotels. It has loving and beautiful citizens along with renowned clubs, colonial residences, cathedrals and etc.  There are many buildings that are colonial. You can plan your complete package including hotel, sightseeing, Flights and other fun-loving activities with amazing Goibibo Offers.


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If we talk about history, Allahabad was the capital of the United Province. When you visit Allahabad you will find so many buildings standing with pride. The famous Allahabad High Court, Saint Cathedral, Mayo Memorial Hall and the University of Allahabad are excellent examples of the Imperial style and hold immense governmental and spiritual importance today.

Port Blair

At Port Blair, You will find the stunning grand design of jail at the side of the never-ending sea. And it is a spectacular view. Built in 1906, this cellular jail was used by Britishers after the 1857 revolt for exiling the rebels. Today, it is a vital monument. The structure attracts so many visitors and stands proudly.


Pondicherry was once a French Colony and therefore; a majority of people speak French in Pondicherry. The place has so many architectures which depict the culture of France. The Legislative Assembly, Le Foyer Du Soldat, Public Works Department, Raj Nivas and LyceeFrancais are a number of the fascinating constructions in Pondicherry which tells about France’s Gothic Style. 


Darjeeling is a beautiful city. The city of Darjeeling urbanized when the British determined to set the depots of the military along with a hospital. The successive tea agricultural estates led to the growth in Darjeeling’s popularity. More and more citizens happened to move in. This made the Britishers build the beautiful and magnificent building. The buildings depict their splendid architecture style.


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