Best iPhone App Development Trends for 2019 and beyond

Best iPhone App Development Trends for 2019 and beyond
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Every year app development trends change and we need to keep moving with the trend. Technologies like AR, VR, and IoT have been declared the future of the app development industry. As for Apple, they have been fast with the incorporation of future technology in their devices.

For the year 2019, the iPhone app development trends seem to have taken interesting turns. We had already seen iOS using the latest technologies like IoT, AR, and VR in the previous year. Let’s find out what’s in store for the iPhone app development this year.

Focusing more on security

Although Apple’s security is one of the major reasons why it is loved so much by the users yet this year further steps will be taken. The security of any app is what makes it closer to the users. Apple’s regular updates have made it impossible for hackers to hack into the iOS system and this year will be no different. With all the data breach that’s going on, Apple needs to secure iOS more than ever.

The popularity of IoT and wearables

IoT and wearables are one of the latest trends. In 2020, we may have about 31 billion IoT devices and this will increase more and more after that. This means that every single individual may have multiple IoT devices in the future. This also means that the cost of developing an IoT app will have profit margins for IoT app developers. iOS will also be entering the IoT race with Android this year.

Siri running with AI

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm and now its time to integrate AI into virtual assistants like Cortana and Siri. Apple’s Siri, when used with AI, will make a great virtual assistant for users. In the latest Sirikit, this integration has been made possible and users can use all the features with the help of Siri. Another good thing is that now Siri can be integrated with third-party apps as well.

AR and VR in apps

AR and VR are the futuristic technology for mobile apps. We are already seeing the successful use of AR and VR in games but looks like it will also be seen in other mobile apps. Apple app developers will be able to build apps with the help of the newly launched ARKit2. With this kit, both AR and VR can go way beyond gaming and can provide some great user experience.

Swift 4 will gain more popularity

Last year Apple released the Swift 4 in their WWDC event. The iOS developers could not be happier when this happened and have been looking to work with it ever since. This year, Swift 4 will see gain more ground because of its easy to learn and use characteristic. It also builds iOS apps rapidly with customised features, making it a favourite choice for most startups.

Enterprise app development will see a rise

iOS has been preferred by app developers for many reasons, one of which is the security of the app. The security of apps is what most developers want to achieve and with iOS app development, it becomes possible. Enterprise app development can be secured with iOS app development.

Machine learning

The CoreML (Core Machine Learning) launched by Apple allows development of intelligent apps across different Apple devices. CoreML gained popularity quickly in the past and this year seems to be even better. Apps integrated with Siri, camera and other features can be built quickly with CoreML.

Big data and other technologies

Imagine the benefits of big data and other technologies as a startup? Once these can be used for iPhone application development, developers can build high performing, robust iPhone apps. This is quite useful when it comes to building quality apps in a short time. 

Cloud-based apps

Cloud-based apps will be used for large data storage while maintaining the security of the data. This is why cloud based apps will be a trend in 2019 as it offers a secure storage facility for important data. Accessibility of data also becomes easier with cloud-based apps.

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