Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
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The recent buzzword in industry circles focuses on two new technologies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a part of machine learning. As per a survey by business experts, the healthcare industry has always been slow to embrace new technology. But so far, this industry has embraced AI with open arms. Yes, there are few challenges such as the AI applications has to be given the proper data to get the accurate result. There are other challenges such as the program has to get the proper information from patient files which are in the form of reports or pdf. But healthcare experts suggest that the AI will revolutionize the entire landscape and give better benefits to patients.

  1. AI Robots

It is true that many low-level jobs in Japan have been replaced by robots. Now the same concept has stepped to healthcare. Take the example of Mabu, a humanoid robot. It works in perfect coordination with the American Heart Association to make patients from heart problems get the best treatment and practices. It acts similar to an individual health assistant. If a senior in your family has got heart problems, then Mabu will ask questions about their health, feelings and make the suggestion. It also keeps tabs on medication.

Mabu is just one of the steps of AI in medical treatment. Based on the conversations, human doctors can then decide on the nature of future medication. Just imagine the benefits. Hospitals and doctors will not need to examine patients for their progress. Your senior can get the report sitting in his/her home based on the data sent by the Mabu robot to the specific doctor or hospital. This is one of the major benefits of AI in healthcare.

  1. AI in Globe

In the US and UK, the Governments are taking every step to include AI in hospitals and Government centers. An AI humanoid robot can assist in diagnosis, identification of diseases in case of an epidemic. It will also help in the prevention/treatment of the patients. At present, AI is used only in individual treatment, analysis of reports. When it comes to hospitals, the new technology is used in responding to simple queries by means of chatbots.

  1. Management of Medical Records
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What is the most important way to give the proper treatment to a person? His/her management of medical data and records. And until now, it was done by humans. But now, with AI robots, data can be collected, stored, and if needed reformatted. And when a medical file becomes necessary, it can be traced with accurate precision. Now, this method, when implemented in all parts of the globe, can become the best treatment method to humans. Another benefit of AI in healthcare.

  1. Repeat Jobs

In a hospital, there are some jobs which are manually done again and again. For example, the X-rays, CT scans and analysis tests. Now, if only these times can be used for other purposes to do more complex and fulfilling jobs. Did you get the idea? In the future, do not find it surprising if you see robots doing scanning jobs.

Human intervention will be needed only in the most complicated cases.

  1. Treatment Method – AI benefit in healthcare

Let us imagine, a doctor has a patient with many medical problems. In such cases, he/she may find a little difficult to check all the reports and then suggest the best treatment. An AI tool can analyze all the data and suggest the best method. A human doctor can then cross-check to see if the method indeed can benefit the patient.

  1. Medication Management

Let us imagine a situation. John has high blood pressure, and his doctor has prescribed medicine to keep his blood pressure normal. The only factor, he has to take the tablet three times a day after food. Now, John is a field executive, and sometimes he has to take medications at certain times. He can make use of AiCure app or apps to remind him of taking the medicine.

After John takes the medicine, the app will send an alert to his physician. This aspect will help the doctors confirm that John is indeed taking the medical treatment as per the schedule.

  1. Drug Creation

A single tablet can consist of many components that can fight disease. A single clinical trial can cost millions of dollars. Now, with AI, new medicines can be derived from potent combinations of existing diseases to fight new health problems. So, one of the major benefits of AI in healthcare is the saving of time and money along with resources.

Healthcare in Developing Regions

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Not every part of the world has got adequate healthcare. There are some regions of the world which suffer from limited medical facilities. Shall we take a case study for example? A village in a remote corner is suffering from an epidemic. Now, it becomes difficult for the concerned Government to move physicians and doctors to the concerned site. On the other hand, they can put temporary camps, and then ask the concerned medical staff to get medical reports.

These reports will then scanned via the AI tools, then analyzed for the best possible cure method. This type of data transmission will save time and precious human lives. Or the human physicians have to go through various processes to get the perfect treatment.

Conclusion – Benefits of AI in Healthcare

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Have you read the article? Now, we hope that you have understood the benefits of AI in healthcare. Need to get more information. Then do not forget to visit our website at regular intervals.

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