8 Best Ways Award Can Promote Your Business & Win More Customers

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In sports, winning awards is a fun and sometimes building a career in sports. However, in industry, for a business, it is indeed not for fun or simply a matter of pride. It is something more than those all that compel a big number of participant companies/organizations to allocate a budget and spend time as well as spare valuable resources for it.

Some business awards are for performance, some targeting profits/revenues while most of establishing supremacy in the niche. Of course, outcome, winning helps the participants or winner businesses to promote in the market. Let me tell you eight outstanding but common ways to promote your business by participating and winning a business award.

1 – Selecting A Right Business Award Contest to Participate

Before filling the entry of any business award, you must ask yourself or discuss with a team including the top management some vital points or questions. For instance,

  • What is the goal of the award and how it is relevant to your business or management goals?
  • How will it help your business?
  • Whether award participation and winning help the marketing and other departments? How?
  • Does award infuse interest or motivate employees?
  • How award matters for your customers?
  • Can does award bring opportunities for the future?

This kind of questions can help you to determine the most sought after award contest for your business. You can set your objectives and chart a path to formulate winning strategies and vision to execute it.

2 – Amplify You Are Participating

Now, start writing the award entry and carefully study the requirements, terms, and conditions listed for it. Discuss the to do tasks with your team/staff to win the awards and making changes in your infrastructure, calendar, strategies, goals, and work objectives themselves.

Prepare a storyboard to write your work story to submit or showcase for the award and make changes in your to-do list accordingly. Acknowledge your participation among the business, social, and personal circles. You can update status on Facebook, G+, Instagram, Twitter, and share news of your award participation in WhatsApp.

If You Shortlisted for the Award, Create a Buzz for It

Once you come to know that you are shortlisted with an official intimation from the award donating body, you can amplify that critical news among your touch points. Let’s see how you can do it.

3 – Prepare a Press Release

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Form the right story of your nomination and take help of a professional content writer to prepare a press release for online and offline media. Submit it with the support of professional Internet marketers for online distribution. Handover the copy to media contacts to print it in your local and regional newspaper & relevant magazines.

It could be the most welcome news story among the business niche and local trade media if you go right. You can highlight some points of your nomination such as you are the only participant in the locality, state, or nation who shortlisted for the award. You can make emphasize that short listing means experts have seen you via the eye of a needle.

4 – Leverage Official Nomination Badge or Shortlist Logo

Many award programs are offering an official nomination badge or logo once you shortlisted. At the marketing point of view, it is an excellent opportunity to go to media and market to shout out your nomination and short listing happening.

  • If you have a company website as well as the mobile app, you can place it on the site, app, in your official email signature, banners, social media pages/profiles.
  • You can mention it in your official company blog, guest blogs, company newsletter, Ads, and online as well as offline brochures.
  • You can place it in hoardings, ads, and banners on the key points in your locality.
  • It could be a good exhibition stand material and showcase stuff for various professional events including seminars, conferences, and annual gatherings.

The main thing is you must appear in the eyes of the public such a way that they take notice of your nomination and short listing incident seriously and praise it or could be word of mouth marketing for you, achievements, and your business. In other words, your short listing help you to validate your work and tell your professional contacts as well as the public that your work is reliable anyway.

5 – Leverage the Affection of Your Near & Dear Ones

Near & dear ones like family members, relatives, neighbors, and friends are a potential source to spread your words and act as powerful brand ambassadors. You can involve them in award short listing campaign with proper communication, and media kit consists of pictures, press release URL, and social media updates.

They will share your news willingly and applaud you a lot. Your loyal friends and their circles can extend your reach further. Of course, you have to provide them with streamlined content that eases their sharing, integrating, and understanding.

6 – Congratulate Other Shortlist Nominees

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You may have noticed that you are not alone in shortlisted candidates. Others are there and connecting with them may open the door to extend your network with other professionals. You can do it with a simple change in your gesture. Congratulate them for their nomination and short listing with a respectful gesture. It will earn you respect in their response and credit among the peers in your business niche.

7 – Leverage the Power of Social Media

Facebook is a personal social media networking site, but LinkedIn is a professional one. It is a great social platform for you to leverage for your award short listing news and content. Your nomination and subsequent short listing occasion may help you to establish your authenticity among the business niche and experts. You can showcase your expertise through LinkedIn posts and share the same in your other business profile sites.

8 – Participate In Award Declaration Event

Suppose you win the battle and get award along with others, don’t refuse to keep your presence there. Be prepared in advance to leverage the award declaration event. Keep tools and staff ready to take photo shoots on the stage and along with celebrities present there.

Collect the visual material to write rich content afterward. Come in touch of media people there and win their favor with positive gestures. They will give you a chance to appear in the leading media.

Now, you can run the same campaign with the similar strategy that you did before winning and at the time of declaration of your shortlisting.


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