12 Exterior Design Ideas Using Natural Stone in 2019

12 Exterior Design Ideas Using Natural Stone in 2019
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Stone is an architectural element that adds beauty and classical charm to the exterior of your homes. We know stones are not much pricy as were before but becomea matter of pride when selected wisely and installed well. Stone is a worthy investment that may last for a century if maintained properly.

Stones are a gift of nature with inherent natural beauty& warmth. Natural stones are available in a variety of qualities, properties, colors, styles, and patterns. It all make each piece of stone unique, soothing and engaging in inspiring you, boost your creativity, and refresh your mind at first glance.

Today my sole aim is to give you at least a dozen of exterior design ideas using natural stones in 2019. So, you can plan your construction project better.

1 –Cover the Entire Exterior Walls with Natural Stone Veneer

Stone veneers garner your entire exterior the refreshed look-n-feel. It enhances appearance and grabs attention even from the far distances. It weathers nicely and over the time getting betterments with time-worn effects.

Granite, sandstone, slate, and quartzite are the best stone types to choose from. You can use full bed veneer for better weather resistance like heat strokes and frosts in icy winters. Save wall from damping effects during rainy days by using siliceous stones. Calcareous stones are a better choice in dry and hot regions.

Thin veneer is a better choice for certain places and siding. So, take the advice of your stone supplier and the experienced contractor or stone mason before planning. Today, reinforced concrete cement in the construction industry is a norm and the most viable option. Therefore, nobody thinks of stone as a structural material. Instead, using appropriate stone veneer seems a functional and acceptable solution.

2 – Cover the Walls of Facade with Natural Stones & Veneer

If your house project has no planning to cover the entire exterior surfaces with stone veneer, you have the best alternative to beautify your home, and it is façade, the exterior of the home that faces the street or entryway.

Stone veneer provides an excellent architectural interest and decorative elements when laid on the entranceway, and impress the guests or visitors at first glance. Porch and entrance paving with sober stone colors and style leave a signature as well as calms the mind of humans approaching your entry door.

3 – Cover the Foundation, Step Risers, & Landing Area with Natural Stones

If you have designed landing area for your façade or even your backyard, stones are providing most soothing material.

The granite mosaic covers the foundation and steps risers to create synergy in style and design. The treads have best to fit stone slabs that are enhancing the overall appearance of the facade.

4 – Create Stone Chimneys with Natural Stone Caps

Chimneys are construction elements that draw immediate attention of onlookers of your exterior. If you use solid stone in the construction of the chimney, it may give the classic appearance and render your home as aged colonial construction.

Alternatively, you can use stone veneer on chimney walls and simulate the same classic look. You can bring more elegance in your chimney design by adding caps of stone.

Stone pillars or stone cladding pillars also can help in adding visual interest to a roofline. Chimney caps functionally keep water, snow, and dust/dirt like unwanted elements away to enter into the passage. Apart from good looks, stones on chimney offer durability and protection from the weather elements.

5 – Cover the Garden Walls with Stone Veneer

Most of the homes, particularly in the countryside or town, the garden is an essential element. Gardens have to protect walls and prove a significant element to add beauty in nature if treated well. Natural stones are solid candidates to do so.

You can construct the entire garden boundary with stone walls or stone veneer by siding RCC construction. Stone coping is giving excellent finishing to the garden walls.

6 – Create Walkways & Driveways with Stone Slabs/Tiles/Pavers

Stone is the sturdiest material in construction. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for driveways. Natural colors and patterns beautify your paths for vehicle and create resonance with the theme of your home architecture.

Stone slabs are long-lasting and have a natural appearance to create harmony with your environment when you apply them on your walkways at entrance, gardens, and paths to patios or swimming pool. Granites, slates, and limestone are highly used material for walkways.

7 – Create Stone Swimming Pools with Natural Stone Coping/Edges

  • Cream-colored travertine is an ornamental stone to create all components of a swimming pool. It offers a slip-free surface with immense durability and natural beauty to make your relaxation deeper.
  • Limestone is a wise choice for pool decks.
  • Granite paving offers natural shine and elegance to your swimming pool.
  • Quartzite is a good investment if you opt for hardness and resilience in your pool project.

8 – Create Patios with Natural Stones

If you want to add the perfect touch of rustic, classic, or warm features in your backyard space, create natural stone pavers. For instance,

  • The simple sitting patio with black granite or bluestone marble.
  • Serene Patio Spa with classic cream travertine or grey granite.
  • All-purpose backyard patio with gold or natural sandstone.
  • Backyard deck & patio with medium light or silver travertine.
  • Full suit natural stone patio with granite, bluestone, limestone, marbles, quartzite, and travertine.

Tables & Benches in Gardens & Patios also a nice idea to apply natural stones. The natural beauty of stones merged easily with natural gifts like plants, trees, and grass and created the right resonance in the ambiance.

9 – Create Outdoor Showers Using Natural Stones

The outdoorshower is an age-old tradition, and the charm of it is unimaginable. Creation of such space demands two things, non-slip and temperature resistance surfaces. Of course, waterproof and sturdy material is a basic need here.

Natural stones are the right candidates for the same. For instance, travertine has instant water absorption capacity and remains cool in hot temperature. Thus, you can save your feet from burning. Flagstone has the same properties.

With proper sealants, granite, slate, and limestone also used today. Mold, mildew, and soap scum like issues are easy to cope with natural stone installation in the exterior shower or bath spaces.

10 – Create Sills, Headers, & Water Table with Natural Stones

Windows and doors like openings require protections from weather elements like rain, snow, and heat as well as pressures of the structure above. Sills, headers are fixing, load bearing, and protecting structural elements.

Water table saves the foundation from wear & tears due to weather.

Stones are in use for centuries for sills, headers, and water table. Natural stones with details provide organic and traditional beauty in your design and create synergy with natural ambiance.

11 – Create Stone Trims & Pillars with Natural Stone Caps

Do you want a balanced rustic charm, polished curb appeal, and finished look for your trims and pillars in exterior construction? Natural stones like granite, bluestone, sandstone, and limestone have these peculiarities.

They used to offer timeless natural beauty and elegance to your architectural elements designed in your exterior spaces.

12 – Create Outdoor Kitchen with Natural Stones

Arranging a barbeque and other parties on outdoor spaces or backyard patios are an old tradition in Europe, the American continent, and elsewhere in the world. Now outdoor kitchens are becoming a trend, and latest home appliances like (Mini) refrigerator, Grill, and stove operating through gas or electricity are norms.

Just like fireplaces in interior and exterior, kitchens also decorated with precious but applicable stone types like sandstones, granite, and limestone with proper sealants. Stones are beautiful as well as soothing material to create natural ambiance using desired colors, coping, and veneer.

Siding, countertops, and bar sink become alluring yet functional with the natural stone selection.

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